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Court Orders Surgeons to Preserve Physiomesh After Removal

Surgeons must preserve the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Device after it is removed as evidence of its deterioration within the human body

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - An unacceptably high number of hernia repair patients have reported needing a second invasive surgery to remove the Ethicon Physiomesh and repair their hernia once again These patients were not aware that Physiomesh could crumble, deteriorate, weaken and pull away from a hernia that it was intended to support and strengthen. As a result of the pain and suffering Physiomesh has caused to patients some have chosen to consult with a Physiomesh attorney to determine whether they qualify to file a claim against the Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson. As of June 2018, close to 1000 cases alleging Ethicon Physiomesh malfunctioned have been consolidated in multidistrict litigation to streamline pre-trial procedures and standardize the discovery process. In response to a patient's right to pursue a claim against Ethicon and their parent company Johnson & Johnson, new rules have been put in place forcing surgeons to preserve the Physiomesh device so that it can be presented as evidence in court.

In May of 2018, a Georgia court ordered that surgeons must preserve the Physiomesh hernia mesh and surrounding tissue after surgically removing it and are required to send the specimens to Steelgate Inc., a Florida biomedical storage and management company. The physical condition of Physiomesh is important evidence as it can demonstrate what happens to the device when it is inside the body for any period of time. Physiomesh is made in multiple layers with polypropylene plastic woven throughout the device. The device is intended to cause irritation in the underlying tissues so that scar tissue develops and holds the device in place. Unfortunately, polypropylene was originally intended to be used in food and goods packaging such as single-use plastic food baggies, and never intended to be used within the human body where the body's own immune system may view it as a foreign object and attack it. When Physiomesh shrinks it painfully pulls away from the underlying tissue, hardens, crumples, and is free to migrate to other organs within the abdominal cavity. Physiomesh revision surgeons have reported finding Physiomesh as far away as a patient's bowels where it causes perforations and requires the removal of a portion of the intestines.

Ethicon Physiomesh was once considered a breakthrough medical device, inserted through minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery to reinforce a surgically-repaired hernia. Unfortunately, a surprisingly high number of revision surgeries reported to the US Food and Drug Administration prompted Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson to initiate a voluntary market withdrawal of the hernia repair device. An "Urgent Field Safety Notice" was issued to medical personnel, operating room staff and chiefs of surgery warning them to immediately cease and desist from using the device and to send back all unused Physiomesh product.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the pain of a failed Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair device, you should consult a Physiomesh attorney to see if you qualify to file a claim against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson for rushing a faulty medical device to market and failing to warn of the device's potential to cause harm.

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