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Bellweather Hernia Repair Mesh Failure Trials Are Scheduled to be Heard in September

The exact number of hernia repair mesh failure patients will become known in the months ahead and the number could be staggering

Friday, May 29, 2020 - One hernia repair mesh company now faces nearly 10,000 lawsuits from plaintiffs that have experienced severe pain requiring revision surgeries from having had a hernia repair mesh device implanted with them to support the repaired spot of the hernia. Bellweather hernia mesh trials are expected to begin as early as September of this year. Medical devices leader Johnson & Johnson has already settled with plaintiffs and paid billions in punitive damages to women who have claimed their vaginal mesh surgical device failed and caused them pain and suffering. The vaginal support mesh is substantially identical in every way to hernia repair mesh in terms of composition and manufacturer. In most cases, the failed and recalled vaginal support mesh is merely hernia repair mesh repurposed. Hernia repair mesh can lose its strength, flexibility, and integrity over time causing it to break into pieces and migrate within the body usually finding its way down to the bowels where it can perforate the organ causing internal bleeding, infection or life-threatening blockages.

Hernia mesh has been used in millions of hernia repair procedures around the world and recently has been accused of being substandard and the cause of a patient's medical complications and suffering. Surgeons that support the use of hernia repair mesh usually have a vested interest in promoting the medical device rather than learn to repair hernias using natural tissues as is done in Canada's Shouldice Hernia Hospital. Hernia repair mesh surgeons are also hesitant to admit that the patient's pain and suffering is due to their failed hernia mesh device.

In May of 2016, leading hernia repair mesh manufacturer Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson recently voluntarily recalled the Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh when hundreds of patients complained to Europe's Herniamed hernia mesh complaint system. Hernia mesh is used in the vast majority of cases today despite the products tend to fail in around one out of every three patients over the long term. Experts in Europe have concluded that the reason for failure could be that the device is made from polypropylene, a type of plastic that is unsuitable for implantation with the human body as studies show that it can degrade when attacked by the body's immune system. So many hernia mesh devices are predicted to fail that hospitals performing hernia revision surgery are required to automatically preserve the failed device and to send it to one Florida medical storage facility for safekeeping until needed as evidence at trial.

Polypropylene is noted for its lightweight strength and flexibility and on the surface appears to be the perfect material for use in the abdominal area, a very physically demanding part of the body. Another reason for hernia mesh failure is because the mesh device is placed on or around the body's core which is very active. Physical activity from playing sports to merely sitting up can damage hernia repair mesh over time. Some think that it is unrealistic for any man-made material to withstand the forces of twisting, bending, and stretching that normal physical activity places on the device.

If you are one of the millions currently suffering from a failed hernia repair device you should consult with a Hernia Mesh Attorney to see if you qualify to file a claim against the devices manufacturer.

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