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Avoid Doctors That Use Hernia Repair Mesh And Consider Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Instead

Hernia patients should look to hospitals that specialize in natural tissue hernia repair like Canada's Shouldice Hospital and then make an informed decision

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - Having written close to one hundred articles on the global health emergency that is hernia repair mesh does not make me an expert but I can honestly say, if I ever needed to get a hernia repaired I would hesitate to let a doctor use hernia repair mesh or do the procedure using laparoscopy. In 2017 US Senator Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor while mowing his lawn and suffered a hernia among other injuries. Paul, whose health care insurance is the finest available, chose instead to go out of pocket and travel to the Shouldice Hospital in Canada for natural tissue hernia repair.

Doctors that use hernia repair mesh swear by the product and repeat the mantra that the device reduces the number of hernia recurrences from 10-12% when using natural tissue methods, down to only 3 or 4%. Young and inexperienced doctors also tout that their laparoscopic technique cut a patient's recovery time in half. What that same doctor may never tell his patient, however, is that when hernia mesh failure occurs, the medical consequences to the patient can be catastrophic. Also, experts are now predicting that the hernia recurrence rate may be the least of a patient's hernia mesh concerns. What they need to be worried about is that up to 30% of hernia repair patients could require revision surgery to retrieve the dissolve and degraded medical device and also require multiple surgeries to repair the other internal organs that have been damaged. Many hernia repair patients on Facebook tell of their hernia repair nightmares where the doctor could not even find most of the disintegrated hernia mesh. If you or a loved one has been harmed by Ethicon hernia mesh, Physiomesh hernia lawyers are available for a free no obligation consultation.

In one extreme hernia mesh failure instance, a hernia repair mesh migrated away from the patient's hernia and perforated their bowel causing it to leak feces into the abdominal cavity and causing the patient to orally vomit their feces. Wikipedia reports fecal vomiting from bowel perforation can lead to death. "Fecal vomiting is a kind of vomiting wherein the material vomited is of fecal origin. ... In severe cases of bowel obstruction or constipation... fecal vomiting has been identified as a cause of death."

Back in 2016, Johnson & Johnson voluntarily recalled its Physiomesh Flexible Composite Hernia repair mesh product from the market worldwide over concerns that the device was failing in an unacceptably high percentage of its patients. Post-market statistics gathered by the German hernia registry, Herniamed indicate that a greater than expected number of Physiomesh patients reported requiring revision surgery after experiencing chronic pain. The National Institute of Health said "the recurrence rate of chronic inguinal hernia pain requiring surgery to be greater than 10% of Physiomesh patients." In addition to the severe pain, Physiomesh patients experienced infections, inflammation, and, ironically, the recurrence of their hernia.

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