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Australian Hernia Institute Downplays Hernia Mesh Failure

Australian hernia mesh experts think that hernia mesh failure is at an acceptable level and that physicians should continue to use the medical device to repair most types of hernias

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - Hernia repair is one of the easiest and most common surgeries that anyone can have and patients are expected to be able to resume most life activities in a couple of weeks or a month at the most. When the procedure leads to a patient becoming bedridden, unable to perform sexually, loses his job, and is so depressed that he feels that he is a failure as a father, it is news indeed. Such is the case of an Australian hernia mesh repair patient that has experienced these side effects after having hernia repair surgery using hernia mesh. ABC News reports that 42-year old Marc Russell's life has been devastated by complications resulting from what he was told by his doctors would be "routine hernia repair surgery." Complications from the surgery have forced him to seek medical opinions from around 30 hernia specialists. Mr. Russel reports that he is still in constant pain to this day. The patient reports that he also "(It feels like ) there are razor blades are in my groin," Mr. Russell said. "It's like I've been doused in a flammable liquid and been lit on fire." It appears that the initial attempt to remove the device resulted in the device breaking into pieces that are still in his abdominal cavity causing him constant pain. Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit attorneys offer current hernia mesh information.

Mr. Russel's life-altering hernia mesh complications are contrasted by hernia specialists at the Hernia Institute of Australia who feel that only a small percentage of all hernia mesh patients experience additional complications and pain and that the "big picture is a positive one." According to the ABC News article the Hernia Institute's director, Associate Professor Nabeel, did point out that hernia repair meshes made from a certain industrial plastic seemed to cause more hernia mesh problems than others. Nabeel is quoted as saying, "there had been problems with some polypropylene mesh products, with slow-growing infections a real risk associated with some procedures." Nabeel also thinks that physicians are too eager to perform the surgery as many patients do not need it.

The Hernia Institute's indifference to the suffering of hernia mesh patients is surprising given the fact that many more patients suffer hernia mesh complications than the director thinks is an acceptable level. So many in fact that in 2016, hernia mesh leader Ethicon, a component of the Johnson & Johnson medical group, voluntarily and permanently pulled the product from shelves worldwide. The reason for taking the device off of the market was in response to what the company said was an unacceptable level of patients that required revision surgeries, sometime two, three or more, to remove the failed hernia mesh device. If Johnson & Johnson is willing to voluntarily give up the hundreds of millions of dollars in profits they were making, chances are good that the device failure is serious. The company's official hernia mesh withdrawal statement included the following: "The recurrence/reoperation rates (respectively) after laparoscopic ventral hernia repair using ETHICON PHYSIOMES Composite Mesh were higher than the average rates of the comparative set of meshes among patients in these registries."

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