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Australia and England Are Devastated By Pelvic and Hernia Repair Mesh Failures

Many believe that nothing less than a complete overhaul of Australia's health care system can prevent a situation like the pelvic and hernia mesh scandal from reoccurring

Friday, March 22, 2019 - Pelvic and hernia mesh failures and the medical and legal complications that follow are taken very seriously in the United States. Indeed, thousands of hernia mesh patients have had to have one or more revision surgeries to remove the failed device and Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily withdrawn the Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair mesh from the market rather than face the litigation the failed device might have brought in the future. In addition, thousands of women have successfully settled claims totaling billions of dollars over the failure of mesh devices used to treat urinary incontinence as a result of ordinary childbirth.

The US outrage over the failed hernia mesh pales in comparison, however, to the meltdown that is occurring in the British media over hernia repair mesh complications. Pelvic and hernia repair mesh have been lumped into something called the "Mesh Scandal" in England as over 170,000 patients are feared to need to have the hernia repair device removed because it does not work properly. In Australia, mesh product studies show that around 90% of women who have had pelvic mesh implanted in them to treat urinary incontinence brought about from childbirth have been left in so much pain that they have had "suicidal thoughts." Women in England also report that they have become antibiotic resistant from being treated for the infections the mesh has caused. Eighty percent of British women report "high levels of daily pain," according to The Hunts Post. Ethicon Physiomesh attorneys represent families and individuals harmed by hernia mesh failed repairs and offer a no obligation free consultation.

If you think it is an exaggeration to call the world's reaction to pelvic and hernia mesh problems a "meltdown", consider that Australia is so concerned about what may come that politicians there are using the repair mesh scandal to launch a complete overhaul of the country's health care system after concluding that mesh devices can put patient's lives at risk. Australia's The Herald reports: "A perfect storm of systemic failures has left an unknown number of pelvic and hernia mesh surgery patients with severe complications that confirm the need for urgent health system reforms, including how medical devices are approved for use in Australia", and also "Hernia patients were subject to the gross minimization of the severity of their symptoms, were not told mesh devices would be used and resorted to alternative medicine treatments after losing trust in the health system."

One of the more interesting aspects of the UK's (England and Australia's) take on the pelvic and hernia mesh scandal is that not only is the government's medical device approval process being reexamined but also the potential for improper and illegal financial relationships between doctors and repair mesh manufacturers being examined. "a Senate report into the pelvic mesh scandal identified long-standing serious system failures that compromise patient safety, and called for a review of doctors relationships with device manufacturers to prevent the payment of inducements.

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