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A Strangulated Hernia Can Lead to Death

Hernia strangulation can have serious medical consequences requiring emergency surgery

Thursday, March 7, 2019 - Before the hernia mesh came on the market most hernia repair specialists took a "wait and see" approach to treating the problem. Hernia patients usually rush to their doctor at the first sign of a bulge in their groin or abdominal wall. Most of the time a doctor will say that the situation is not life threatening and the patient should just keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse. Unless the pain or discomfort of a small hernia kept a person form their work or recreational enjoyment hernia repair surgery can usually wait. There are cases, however, were waiting to repair a hernia can lead to a serious, life-threatening medical situation requiring emergency surgery. "A strangulated hernia occurs when the blood supply to the herniated tissue has been cut off. This strangulated tissue can release toxins and infection into the bloodstream, which could lead to sepsis or death. Strangulated hernias are medical emergencies," according to Medical News Today. Ethicon Physiomesh hernia lawsuit claims in the United States are being represented by national attorneys providing families and persons with a no obligation and free consultation.

Signs that the hernia you were monitoring has deteriorated into serious strangulation include discoloration, an increase in the size of the bulge at the site of your hernia and an increase in pain. There are other symptoms like fever, lethargy and a burning feeling, but the first three symptoms are enough for a hernia patient to call their doctor immediately before the condition worsens. If a strangulated hernia is ignored, gangrene can set in as the strangulation reduces or cuts off blood flow to the intestines. This could require not only surgery to repair the hernia, but also to remove a section of the intestines that has become dead tissue. A strangulated hernia can also prevent the intestines from eliminating waste materials from the body causing a dangerous blockage.

Any type of hernia can become strangulated. An inguinal hernia occurs near the pubic bone, Femoral hernias in the groin or thigh above the femur, Umbilical hernias are a bulge in the belly button, and Incisional hernias are caused by a weakening of the muscles around the exact site of surgery. Every type of hernia can be caused by being either being extremely overweight, extreme physical exertion, childbirth, overeating, or a general weakening of the abdominal wall over time. Most hernias occur for a combination of two or more causes.

In practice, most hernias are repaired before serious hernia strangulation can occur and with the proliferation of hernia mesh, repairing a hernia immediately has become the norm. Hernia repair surgery has become a leading surgical procedure in the United States and around the world and the majority of doctors use a medical device called hernia mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall. Hernia mesh repair devices, however, are proving to create more problems than they solve as they are prone to attracting infection and deterioration. Hernia mesh devices do not always stay where they are intended and can migrate to the intestines causing an emergency situation as bad or worse than a strangulated hernia.

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