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A Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Surgeon Thinks Hernia Mesh Surgeons May Be Covering For One Another

Doctors are ignoring that polypropylene hernia repair mesh dissolves into a disgusting mush causing patient health complications

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - Thousands of individuals that are suffering from failed hernia repair mesh devices have filed lawsuits claiming the device manufacturer failed to warn them of the complication that could occur. If you are one of the millions of people around the world that have had their hernias repaired using synthetic, plastic, hernia repair mesh you are probably wondering what are the early warning signs that the device has failed. In the majority of hernia repair failures, abnormal, severe pain was the most common symptom that indicates something may have gone wrong. The body's natural immune system is designed to chemically attack, degrade and destroy and ultimately reject foreign objects like polypropylene plastic. The material is generally not as big a problem in large, sturdy, plastic medical devices like hips and knees. Hernia repair mesh, however, is wafer-thin to provide flexibility to the abdominal region and easily tears into pieces during repeated bending and stretching over time. Occasionally a piece of the original hernia repair mesh can migrate in the abdominal cavity and lacerate or block bowel movements, a dangerous and life-threatening development. Some patients have reported hernia mesh pain immediately and some three to six months following the initial procedure. Hernia mesh repair lawsuit attorneys offer a no obligation free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Most people suffer in silence and fail to accept that their hernia mesh has failed. This is normally the result of the surgeon who implanted the device failing to accept the responsibility that the hernia repair mesh they advised the patient to accept is now harming them. Drug recently reported a leading natural tissue hernia repair surgeon's views on the defective and potentially dangerous medical device. "According to Dr. Robert Bendavid, a surgeon specializing in hernia repair at the Shouldice Hospital in Ontario, Canada, People should be concerned about hernia mesh pain long before they decide to have hernia surgery. If a patient has had a mesh inserted already, the average time it takes for half of them to become a pain problem is about 5 years but can last as long as 17 years," Bendavid told Drugwatch. When a hernia repair mesh dislodged it can also cause nerve damage to the tissues in which it comes into contact.

An interesting note is Dr. Bendavid's focus on the materials that the mesh device is made from being the root cause of the problems. I have written in the past that polypropylene plastic, from which hernia repair mesh is made, is better suited for single-use plastic sandwich bags and reusable microwave containers than it is as a medical device expected to last decades within the body. According to Drug Watch, "The most common cause of mesh pain is the mesh itself. Polypropylene mesh tends to erode into adjacent tissues, a fact that most studies ignore simply because the articles are written by so-called collaborative surgeons who are known to cooperate with the industry."

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