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A Market Withdrawal of Physiomesh Heads Off Total Recall

Physiomesh issues a voluntary market withdrawal of Physiomesh, having had been forced to totally recall a similar product years earlier and pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - Medical devices company Ethicon issued a voluntary "market withdrawal" of its Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh due to the high percentage of hernia reoccurrences that required revision surgery to repair or replace the screen-like device. A market withdrawal is less serious than a forced market recall and is initiated when a medical device has a minor or quickly detected problem that is not currently subject to the FDA taking legal action. The intention of a market withdrawal is to correct the problem and get the new and improved product back on the market. Without admitting guilt or any specifics as to what could be the cause of so many revisions necessary, Ethicon made it clear in the form of an Urgent Field Safety Notice that the company had no plans to return Physiomesh to the market.

Physiomesh is used by doctors to repair hernias during laparoscopic surgery, a modern and minimally invasive surgery performed through a hole punctured in the body no more than one to one and one-half centimeter. Physiomesh looks like a small window screen and is composed of chemical compounds that are known to safely become partially absorbed into the tissues to which it is attached. Physiomesh is placed over the opening of a hernia to support the surgically repaired area. Scar tissue development is promoted to make sure Physiomesh stays permanently in place. Many of the reasons for the high number of revision surgeries to Physiomesh are due to the device buckling, crumpling and pulling away from the site of a hernia and migrating to other areas of the body where it is not intended to be. Physiomesh has most often been found to have shifted to the intestines where it has caused blockage, perforation, and infection, leaving the patient in constant pain.

As with other lawsuits involving complicated technical medical evidence and testimony, Physiomesh hernia lawyers have bundled their lawsuits against Ethicon and Physiomesh into multi-district litigation. Multi-district litigation is preferred when many lawsuits are filed against a particular and allegedly defective product to avoid duplication, to speed along pre-trial proceedings and to streamline the discovery process. Over 300 Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuits are currently combined using this method. Approximately 700 Physiomesh lawsuits are proceeding independently and the first Physiomesh trial is to start Sept. 16, 2019. Ethicon is accused of failing to warn the medical communities of the dangers of Physiomesh and negligence for bringing a defective product to market.

The hundreds of lawsuits against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson is nothing new. Years earlier, Ethicon and its parent company were forced to pay $80 million in compensatory and punitive damages to several women that were permanently injured when the Ethicon Prolyft Transvaginal Mesh eroded through the plaintiff's urethra leaving their urinary system permanently damaged and themselves permanently incontinent. The women were forced to endure multiple surgeries related to complications stemming from the removal of the device.

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