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Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit News

Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit News

Information and News About Ethicon Physiomesh Loss Lawsuits

Hernia Repair Mesh Trials Will Highlight Polypropylene Plastic Properties | 4/6/2021

Research scientists insist that polypropylene plastic is incompatible with organic tissue and has no place in the human body...READ MORE

Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh Lawsuits May Focus On The Government's Lack of Supervision | 3/31/2021

The FDA fast track approval process allows a medical device like hernia repair mesh to enter the market if it is similar to another failed device...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Can Break Into Small Pieces Making Retrieval Impossible | 3/22/2021

The first trials will begin soon in New Jersey and Georgia, where plaintiffs claim to be injured by a malfunctioning Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh...READ MORE

Doctors Are Wrong Think Hernia Mesh Has Been Tested And Is Safe | 2/26/2021

Surgeons that advocate for hernia repair mesh incorrectly assume that the device has been thoroughly tested and is safe...READ MORE

Physiomesh Hernia Repair Trial To Begin on March 18 | 2/1/2021

Thousands accuse Ethicon of failing to test the hernia repair mesh device adequately...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Doctors See Dollar Signs Rather Than The Risks Hernia Mesh Presents | 1/18/2021

Some hernia repair mesh doctors may be paid off the books to recommend the dangerous and untested medical device...READ MORE

The Body's Autoimmune System May Reject Polypropylene Hernia Repair Mesh | 1/5/2021

Experts agree that plastic hernia mesh has no business permanently inside the human body and can cause adverse rejection reactions...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Surgery Adds Unnecessary Complications | 12/23/2020

Nerve and tissue damage can occur that leads to hernia repair mesh difficulties...READ MORE

Horror Stories Highlight The Magnified Risk Of Hernia Mesh Surgery | 12/11/2020

Hernia repair was once a routine procedure that has been complicated by surgeons that use hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Trials Begin In January Against Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh | 12/1/2020

Hernia mesh medical device trials may dominate courtrooms in 2021...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Complications Could Be As Frequent As Transvaginal Mesh | 11/24/2020

Both failed medical devices are made from the same materials and frequently by the same company...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Lies May Be Injuring Patients | 11/11/2020

The side effects of a failed hernia mesh implant are so severe that many think the risks far outweigh any possible benefits ...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Is An Unnatural Foreign Object That Could Fail One in Three Patients | 11/2/2020

Hernia mesh should be used by surgeons only when no natural tissue hernia repair option exists...READ MORE

A Recent Study Published in the National Institute of Health Slams Polypropylene as Incompatible with Human Tissues | 10/23/2020

Polypropylene was first considered inert and safe to use for hernia repair, however, the facts indicate otherwise ...READ MORE

New Hernia Mesh Products Highlight Hernia Mesh Failure | 10/13/2020

New hernia repair mesh products seek to reduce the unacceptably high rate of failures that require revision surgery....READ MORE

Judge Selects The Plaintiffs For The First Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Trial | 10/1/2020

Thousands of individuals have experienced severe, life-threatening injuries allegedly as a result of the malfunction of the Ethicon Physiomesh, Hernia Repair Mesh...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh Trials Could Begin In January 2021 | 9/17/2020

Physiomesh Multidistrict Litigation is moving along as four plaintiffs will serve as the work-up trial...READ MORE

Startup Hernia Mesh Company Highlights Previous Hernia Repair Mesh Failures | 8/24/2020

A new product has been approved by the FDA that could reduce the percentage of hernia repair mesh failure from products like Physiomesh...READ MORE

New Hernia Repair Device Addresses The High Rate Of Hernia Mesh Revision Surgeries | 8/19/2020

Deep Blue Medical can sell its multi-pronged hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Repair Patients Should Know the Risks | 8/4/2020

Young doctors are using hernia repair mesh to repair routine hernias when natural-tissue hernia repair may be a better option...READ MORE

Think Twice Before Agreeing To Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery | 7/31/2020

Hernia mesh doctors lack the experience to use modern laparoscopic equipment...READ MORE

Leading Hernia Repair Doctor Answers Hernia Repair Questions | 7/22/2020

The more one knows about the potential benefits and risks of hernia repair surgery, the more informed decision can be made...READ MORE

Update For Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Patients and Plaintiffs | 7/16/2020

Trials are set to begin in September 2020, for individuals that have had to have a hernia mesh revision surgery...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Trials May Focus On Similarities To Recalled Vaginal Support Mesh | 7/2/2020

Hernia repair mesh plaintiffs expect similar results as the billions in trans vaginal mesh settlements...READ MORE

Patients Postponing Elective Hernia Mesh Surgery Due To Covid-19 | 6/18/2020

People are avoiding hospitals and elective surgery like hernia repair for fear of contracting the Corona Virus and also the complications it could present for recovery...READ MORE

Lawsuits Are Being Finalized For Hernia Repair Mesh Victims | 6/8/2020

There is still time to contact a hernia mesh attorney to file a claim...READ MORE

Bellweather Hernia Repair Mesh Failure Trials Are Scheduled to be Heard in September | 5/29/2020

The exact number of hernia repair mesh failure patients will become known in the months ahead and the number could be staggering...READ MORE

French Study Finds Fewer Hernia Mesh Revision Surgeries Within Two Years | 5/21/2020

The study, however, fails to take into consideration that hernia repair mesh is intended as a permanent, long-term surgical solution...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Failure Can be Life-Threatening | 5/14/2020

Razor-sharp edges of failed hernia repair mesh can lacerate the intestines and bowels causing internal bleeding, leakages, and infections...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Strategy For Filing a Lawsuit | 4/29/2020

Preserving the failed hernia mesh to prove its manufacturer is essential as is securing financing while out of work...READ MORE

A Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Surgeon Thinks Hernia Mesh Surgeons May Be Covering For One Another | 4/21/2020

Doctors are ignoring that polypropylene hernia repair mesh dissolves into a disgusting mush causing patient health complications...READ MORE

Five Physical Indications of Hernia Mesh Failure | 4/10/2020

Experts warn that as many as 30% of all hernia mesh implants could fail within 10 years of the original surgery...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits On Course To Begin This Fall | 3/30/2020

Many draw parallels between hernia repair mesh and vaginal support mesh which was made by the same manufacturers using the same materials...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Lawsuits Require Thorough Preparation | 3/16/2020

It is important to acquire the hospital's Operative Report when building a case to support a hernia repair mesh claim...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Preservation is Essential To Identify Its Manufacturer | 3/13/2020

A recent court case against Ethicon Inc. was dismissed when the plaintiff's attorneys could not identify the company as the failed device's maker...READ MORE

The Number of Hernia Repair Mesh Complaints is Increasing Every Day | 3/5/2020

As time goes on, more and more hernia repair mesh devices will fail for many reasons...READ MORE

Plastic Hernia Repair Mesh May Not Do Well Long-Term When Used Inside The Human Body | 2/27/2020

The material used to make surgical mesh devices is makes a better single-use, clear plastic sandwich bag than a device to be implanted permanently inside of a hernia patient...READ MORE

Bellweather Hernia Repair Mesh Trials To Begin This Year | 2/10/2020

Plaintiffs have their eye on multi-million dollar jury awards for their pain and suffering caused by untested hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Ethicon's Physiomesh Composite hernia repair device was quickly recalled by Johnson & Johnson. | 2/4/2020

Surgical mesh does not work in an unacceptably high percentage of patients to repair a woman's incontinence or hernia...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Problems Include Auto Immune Disorders | 1/29/2020

Hernia repair mesh is made from a plastic that was never intended to be placed inside the human body...READ MORE

Hernia Patients Should Question Their Surgeon's Experience With Laparoscopic Equipment | 1/2/2020

It may be difficult to find a surgeon with the hours of experience needed to safely operate laparoscopic hernia repair equipment...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Could Be a Time Bomb That Is Ready To Explode | 12/26/2019

Hernia repair mesh is the twin brother of the FDA-banned transvaginal mesh and an avalanche of hernia mesh lawsuits could be imminent...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Surgeons Will Not Admit Hernia Mesh Failure | 12/17/2019

Catastrophic hernia repair mesh failure sometimes leaves a patient in so much pain that they contemplate committing suicide...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Surgeons Lie to Their Patients That Return With Unbearable Pain | 12/11/2019

The last person that will admit that the medical device they implanted failed is a hernia mesh surgeon...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Should Taken Off of the Market Worldwide | 11/19/2019

Entire countries have banned vaginal support mesh because of the harm the failed medical device has done to women with incontinence but the same medical device continues to be sold for hernia repair...READ MORE

Doctors Opinions Differs When Asked Which Type of Hernia Repair Surgery Is Best | 11/12/2019

Hernia repair patients are rarely informed that they have a choice between two very different types of hernia repair procedures...READ MORE

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nadar Speaks About Hernia Repair Mesh Malpractice | 11/5/2019

Hernia repair mesh complications could be eliminated if doctors would opt for natural tissue hernia repair instead...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh and Vaginal Support Mesh Are The Same Things | 11/1/2019

Manufacturers of hernia mesh re-purposed their stores of polypropylene plastic used to make hernia repair mesh to create the vaginal support mesh, a catastrophic medical device failure...READ MORE

Vaginal Mesh IS Hernia Repair Mesh Re-purposed | 10/15/2019

A medical device may already have two strikes against it if its method of approval is the FDA's 510 (k) fast-track system...READ MORE

Avoid Doctors That Use Hernia Repair Mesh And Consider Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Instead | 10/9/2019

Hernia patients should look to hospitals that specialize in natural tissue hernia repair like Canada's Shouldice Hospital and then make an informed decision...READ MORE

The FDA Should Take Another Look At Their Hernia Mesh Classification | 10/7/2019

Reports of patients requiring multiple, dangerous surgeries to attempt to retrieve sections of hernia mesh should alert health officials that hernia mesh is more dangerous than they originally thought...READ MORE

Doctors Should Take Their Patient's Hernia Mesh Complaints Seriously | 10/1/2019

The rate of hernia mesh complications could be high as those for the transvaginal mesh, a nearly identical medical device...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Can Cause Lifelong Medical Complications | 9/16/2019

A global hernia mesh crisis may develop as more reports of device failure make their way to the FDA and social media...READ MORE

Doctors Are Divided As To Hernia Repair Mesh Safety | 9/12/2019

Doctors that perform hernia repair using natural tissue repair techniques are in the minority ...READ MORE

Doctors Debate Using Hernia Repair Mesh Or Natural Tissue Hernia Repair | 9/6/2019

Most patients would probably choose natural tissue hernia repair if they knew the facts about the medical consequences if hernia repair mesh fails...READ MORE

Millions May Require Multiple Hernia Mesh Revision Surgeries Worldwide | 8/30/2019

If hernia repair mesh fails at the rate experts are anticipating, millions of people could be incapacitated...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Failures In Europe Mirror Those In the US | 8/26/2019

Hernia repair mesh failures could lead to a global health emergency...READ MORE

Open Hernia Repair Techniques Versus Laparoscopy | 8/15/2019

Natural tissue open hernia repair outcomes produce a better result than laparoscopic techniques when all factors are taken into consideration...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Contains Plastics That May Eventually Fail | 8/12/2019

Governments are concerned hernia repair mesh failures may cause a human health crisis...READ MORE

Doctors Are Divided As To Hernia Repair Mesh Safety | 8/2/2019

Doctors that perform hernia repair using natural tissue repair techniques may be a dying breed...READ MORE

The Number of Hernia Repair Mesh Lawsuits is Staggering | 7/29/2019

Hernia repair mesh failure knows no boundary and there is the possibility that they all may fail eventually...READ MORE

Polypropylene Plastic Used to Make Hernia Mesh Is Making Patient Ill | 7/23/2019

Scientists and researchers agree that polypropylene used in flexible mesh medical devices may degrade and cause serious medical complications...READ MORE

Experienced Surgeons Admit Hernia Mesh Can Cause Years of Pain | 7/16/2019

More and more doctors are faced with dissatisfied hernia mesh patients and are admitting hernia mesh failures...READ MORE

Europe Is Concerned That Hernia Mesh Can Cause Severe Side Effects | 7/12/2019

European scientist and doctors feel that hernia repair mesh is a ticking time bomb that can affect hundreds of thousands of individuals...READ MORE

Physicians Are Split On Hernia Repair Mesh Benefits Versus Complications | 7/2/2019

When hernia repair mesh fails, a patients life could be put at risk requiring additional surgeries to locate and remove the device...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Seems To Be Failing After a Number of Years | 6/27/2019

If ever there was a medical device that could be considered a ticking time bomb it is hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Ethicon To Pay $80 Million In Pelvic Mesh Verdict | 6/18/2019

Ethicon's pelvic mesh devices are substantially similar to their hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Is Similar to The Transvaginal Mesh Which Was Subject to Recall | 6/13/2019

Companies continue to sell the hernia repair mesh in spite of the writing on the wall indicating that, for the patient, it will not end well...READ MORE

Laparoscopic Surgery Can Increase the Rate of Hernia Mesh Revision Surgeries | 6/7/2019

90% of surgeons using laparoscopic surgery and hernia repair mesh together are inexperienced and lack the skills to operate the sophisticated equipment safely...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Doctors Are Ignoring The Risks of Using Hernia Mesh | 6/3/2019

Hernia repair mesh can leave a patient with permanent chronic pain, not nearly the outcome they were seeking or expected...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Surgeons Are Divided Over Natural Tissue Versus Surgical Mesh Hernia Repair Techniques | 5/27/2019

Most hernia repair doctors are unwilling to give up using hernia repair mesh even though there is great potential for harmful consequences...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Sales Continue In Spite of Requiring Revision Surgeries | 5/21/2019

It is estimated that more than 10% of all hernia repair meshes will fail every year requiring a second, revision surgery...READ MORE

Over 200 Deaths Due To Faulty Hernia Repair Mesh Have Been Uncovered By An FDA Whistleblower | 5/15/2019

Hernia repair mesh failures may be many times greater than what has been reported by the FDA...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Could Soon Follow Pelvic Mesh And Be Banned In The US | 5/6/2019

There is little difference between hernia mesh and the transvaginal mesh that has been banned in the US...READ MORE

Laparoscopic Hernia Mesh Removal Can Break Hernia Mesh Into Pieces If Performed Improperly | 4/30/2019

Few surgeons are trained in any form of hernia mesh repair and attempting laparoscopy adds to the complications...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Results May Not Be Living Up To Expectations | 4/24/2019

Sold as minimally invasive surgery and preferred to natural-tissue hernia repair, thousands of hernia mesh repair patients may require revision surgery...READ MORE

The FDA Bans Pelvic Surgical Mesh | 4/18/2019

The FDA should have required medical devices like pelvic and hernia repair mesh to be more thoroughly tested before being brought to market...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Was A Really Bad Idea | 4/15/2019

Theoretically, all hernia repair mesh made from a certain chemical will fail and require revision surgery to repair the hernia naturally...READ MORE

The World's Leading Hernia Repair Hospital Questions Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Techniques | 4/8/2019

Laparoscopic hernia repair techniques using hernia repair mesh devices are often touted as safer and less invasive but in fact, are so difficult to perform that few doctors do them correctly...READ MORE

More and More Hernia Patients Are Avoiding Surgeons That Insist On Using Hernia Repair Mesh | 3/27/2019

Hernia repair patients should have the latest information before agreeing to one type of hernia repair surgery or another...READ MORE

Australia and England Are Devastated By Pelvic and Hernia Repair Mesh Failures | 3/22/2019

Many believe that nothing less than a complete overhaul of Australia's health care system can prevent a situation like the pelvic and hernia mesh scandal from reoccurring...READ MORE

More and More Hernia Surgeons Also Remove Failed Hernia Mesh Devices | 3/19/2019

Hernia mesh is known to reduce the rate of hernia re-occurrence but at the cost of potentially more serious medical consequences...READ MORE

Doctors in Great Britain Are Concerned Over The High Rate of Hernia Mesh Failures | 3/15/2019

If the hernia repair rates that doctors in England are experiencing carry over to the US, thousands of hernia repair mesh patients could require revision surgery...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Can Lacerate The Bowels Releasing Feces Into The Body Cavity | 3/12/2019

A hernia patient's skin turned brown then vomits blood and his own feces after hernia repair mesh lacerated his bowels...READ MORE

A Strangulated Hernia Can Lead to Death | 3/7/2019

Hernia strangulation can have serious medical consequences requiring emergency surgery...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Trials Delayed Until 2020 | 3/3/2019

The need for proper evidence gathering and handling is causing a delay in Physiomesh multi-district litigation...READ MORE

Doctors May Require Special Training To Remove Failed Hernia Repair Mesh | 2/28/2019

Revision surgery to recover hernia mesh that has migrated within the body could spawn a new medical specialty...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Failures to Increase In The Years to Come | 2/22/2019

As the market for hernia repair mesh continues to grow, so should the number of lawsuits when the medical device fails...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson To Pay $41 Million To Injured Pelvic Mesh Patient | 2/15/2019

Ethicon, Inc., a medical devices unit of Johnson & Johnson, also makes an array of hernia mesh medical devices similar to their recalled pelvic mesh...READ MORE

The world's leading hernia repair hospital will not touch hernia mesh with a ten-foot pole | 2/11/2019

Having performed almost one-half of a million successful hernia repairs, the leading hernia repair hospital in the world says that hernia repair mesh can cause serious complication and never uses the medical device...READ MORE

Little is Known Why Ethicon Withdrew Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Mesh From the Worldwide Market | 2/5/2019

Ethicon withdrew one model of hernia repair mesh from sale because of its failure yet left a substantially similar one untouched...READ MORE

Australian Hernia Institute Downplays Hernia Mesh Failure | 1/29/2019

Australian hernia mesh experts think that hernia mesh failure is at an acceptable level and that physicians should continue to use the medical device to repair most types of hernias...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Plaintiffs Are Gathering For Fall 2019 Trials | 1/24/2019

If you or a loved one have experienced complications after having hernia repair surgery using a hernia repair mesh, you may qualify to file suit against Ethicon and its parent company Johnson & Johnson...READ MORE

Senator Rand Paul Chooses a Canadian Hospital Specializing in Non-Mesh Hernia Repair | 1/19/2019

Those in the know choose the world's best hospitals which in turn shun using hernia mesh for their hernia repair operations...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Patients Fear Comparisons To Failed Pelvic Mesh Devices | 1/15/2019

Millions of hernia mesh patients may experience complications similar to other surgical mesh devices...READ MORE

England Health Ministries Are Concerned Over A Large Number of Hernia Mesh Failures | 1/10/2019

Upwards of one in three hernia mesh repair patients over the last six years have reported needing a revision surgery to remove hernia mesh...READ MORE

University Hospital Continues to Use Hernia Mesh | 1/8/2019

A prestigious medical institution continues to recommend hernia repair mesh despite certain types being pulled from the market...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Physicians Are Dealing With Hernia Repair Mesh Failures | 1/1/2019

Hernia repair doctors must deal with hernia mesh failures every day and are speaking out about the failed medical device ...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Doctors Are Shunning Repair Mesh And Returning To Traditional Hernia Repair Methods | 12/20/2018

Hernia repair mesh was and continues to be a faulty idea and should be used only as a last resort...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Failure Symptoms Should Be Addressed Immediately | 12/18/2018

Hernia repair mesh has been voluntarily taken off of the market by Ethicon, a medical devices unit of Johnson & Johnson leading experts to speculate the device can do more harm than good...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Mesh Patients Are Coming Forward With Their Stories | 12/11/2018

Europe is very concerned that hernia repair mesh could cause suffering in millions of patients in the coming decade...READ MORE

Record Number of Hernia Mesh Failures Predicted in England | 12/7/2018

Hernia mesh failure is a problem that is hardly unique to the United States of America...READ MORE

Examples of Hernia Mesh Failure | 11/30/2018

The proof that hernia repair meshes were a bad idea lies in the stories of those who have suffered because of them...READ MORE

Europe's Hernia Mesh Scandal | 11/20/2018

When it comes to labeling the hernia mesh failure European officials are pulling no punches...READ MORE

Think Twice Before Accepting A Doctor's Hernia Mesh Recommendation | 11/9/2018

Of all of the defective medical devices being rushed to market, none has a higher rate of failure than the hernia repair patch...READ MORE

Hernia Mesh Devices - A History of Failure | 11/2/2018

Hernia mesh repair devices are unnecessary and are complicating a relatively straightforward surgical procedure...READ MORE

Physiomesh Problems Are Certain To Occur For Many Years To Come | 10/30/2018

Even though Johnson & Johnson pulled Physiomesh from the market that action could have come too late for thousands of patients...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Problems and Consumer Complaints | 10/25/2018

Physiomesh Composite Hernia Mesh Complaints Can Be Viewed on the FDA's MAUDE Database...READ MORE

Doctors Trusted the FDA to the Detriment of Physiomesh Patients | 10/16/2018

Doctors are obligated to administer an unwritten code of ethics when evaluating a patient and then recommending a course of action...READ MORE

Hernia Repair Is One of the Most Frequently Performed Surgeries in the World | 10/12/2018

In spite of Ethicon's Physiomesh withdrawal and with billions at stake, the market for hernia repair medical devices is likely to expand, not contract...READ MORE

Doctors should not be blindly trusted to do what is best for their patients | 10/3/2018

It is the patient's responsibility to check with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) online to see if there have been excessive complaints about the device their physician is planning to put into their body...READ MORE

Physiomesh Substantially Similar to Other Failed Medical Devices | 10/1/2018

The FDA's fast-track approval process allows dangerous medical devices like Physiomesh on the market...READ MORE

Physiomesh Can Degrade and Break Into Pieces During Attempted Revision Surgeries | 9/28/2018

Trying to remove Physiomesh can have painful and potentially life-threatening consequences...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Polypropylene May Not be Biocompatible | 9/27/2018

Scientific Studies show that Polypropylene, a synthetic, petroleum-based plastic, is attacked by the human body as a foreign invader breaks down, shrinks and deteriorates...READ MORE

Ethicon's Physiomesh Composite Mesh Joins the Transvaginal Mesh as Recalled Failures | 9/22/2018

All that is required for a medical device to receive FDA approval is that it is substantially similar to another medical device that has already received approval...READ MORE

Patients Can Report Their Medical Device Problems to an FDA Online Database For Everyone to See | 9/20/2018

Ethicon Physiomesh patient reports to the MAUDE database may have forced Ethicon to voluntarily withdraw the medical device from the market and saved lives...READ MORE

The Problem With The FDA's 501 (k) Fast-Track Approval Process Is That It Bypasses The Testing Usually Required Of A New Medical Device | 9/18/2018

Doctors that recommend the device to patients assume that rigorous pre-market testing has occurred however 99% of the time a new device like the Physiomesh Composite hernia device is not tested at all...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Could Have Been More Forthcoming in Withdrawing Physiomesh | 9/14/2018

Ethicon Inc., maker of Physiomesh Flexible Composite Hernia Mesh, and parent company Johnson & Johnson dragged their feet before eventually pulling the defective product from the market...READ MORE

Ethicon Will Not Reintroduce Physiomesh | 9/10/2018

Something must be seriously wrong for an industry leader like Johnson & Johnson to forgo billions in revenue and take a medical device off of the market...READ MORE

While Hernias Are Thought To Be A Men's Health Issue, Women Also Get Them And Can Be Adversely Affected By The Malfunctioning Physiomesh | 9/5/2018

There are over 200,000 hernia surgeries performed every year and men are 25 times more likely than women to need it...READ MORE

Doctors Are Surprised With Lax FDA Approval Requirements | 8/27/2018

Surgically implanted medical devices have the potential to cause serious injury and death to patients but little is required of them by the US Food and Drug Administration before going to market...READ MORE

Polypropylene In Physiomesh May Have Never Been Tested | 8/24/2018

A flaw in the FDA approval system may have allowed faulty medical devices like Physiomesh to come to market...READ MORE

Ethicon Fails To PinPoint the Reason for Physiomesh Failures | 8/21/2018

By failing to determine the exact reason Physiomesh fails, hernia mesh surgeons and their patients are left in the dark as to how to fix the problem...READ MORE

Physiomesh May Have Been Compared With Transvaginal Mesh to Receive FDA Fast-Track Approval | 8/14/2018

Physiomesh may have been given FDA approval based on its similarities to a device that has failed and pulled from the market...READ MORE

Physiomesh Failure Started at the FDA | 8/13/2018

Medical Devices Such As The Ethicon Physiomesh Were Brought To Market Using The FDA's Flawed, Outdated 501 (K) Fast Track Approval Procedure...READ MORE

Herniamed Registry Data Convinced Ethicon to Pull Physiomesh | 8/9/2018

Herniamed, an internet-based registry for outcome research of hernia surgeries, cites a high percentage of Physiomesh revision surgeries...READ MORE

Similarities Between Ethicon’s Physiomesh and Transvaginal Mesh Medical Devices | 8/7/2018

The same mesh design, the same support features, and the same device malfunctions make experts question the FDA's fast-track approval process...READ MORE

Physiomesh Failures Could be Ongoing Nightmare | 8/2/2018

If the polypropylene component of Physiomesh turns out to be the cause of its malfunction, tens of thousands of patients could be at risk...READ MORE

The US National Institute of Health's Physiomesh Polypropylene Warning | 7/30/2018

Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson ignored warnings from the US National Institute of Health stating polypropylene does not belong within the human body...READ MORE

Physiomesh is Voluntarily Withdrawn From The Market | 7/27/2018

When billions of dollars in profits are on the line, the decision to walk away from the market cannot help but draw suspicion...READ MORE

Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson Inc. Fear a Flood of Physiomesh Litigation | 7/25/2018

Johnson & Johnson may be looking to limit their legal exposure by voluntarily pulling Physiomesh...READ MORE

Traditional Hernia Repair Doctors Think Physiomesh May Be Unnecessary | 7/23/2018

Old-fashioned hernia repair surgeons are left cleaning up the mess left by the faulty, malfunctioning Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair device...READ MORE

One Hernia Repair Expert Would Never Use Physiomesh | 7/19/2018

Physiomesh and other composite hernia repair mesh devices are looked upon as little more than a gimmick by experienced, seasoned hernia repair specialists...READ MORE

Scientific Studies of Physiomesh Polypropylene | 7/17/2018

Polypropylene failure has been confirmed by scientific studies conducted by US Government at the National Institute of health...READ MORE

Human Body May Reject Plastic-Based Medical Devices | 7/12/2018

It is hard to believe that the FDA would allow Physiomesh to come to market given the problems Ethicon Inc., had with their Transvaginal mesh, a similar, polypropylene-based medical device...READ MORE

Ethicon Will Not Reintroduce Physiomesh | 7/9/2018

Something must be seriously wrong for an industry leader like Johnson & Johnson to forgo billions in revenue and take a medical device off of the market...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits Pile Up | 7/5/2018

Ethicon Physiomesh trials to start next year and thousands more are waiting in the wings...READ MORE

Physiomesh Withdrawn From Market to Limit Ethicon's Liability | 6/30/2018

When a medical device manufacturer voluntarily pulls a billion-dollar product from the market you know that something must be very, very wrong...READ MORE

Court Orders Surgeons to Preserve Physiomesh After Removal | 6/27/2018

Surgeons must preserve the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Device after it is removed as evidence of its deterioration within the human body...READ MORE

Thousands of Physiomesh Patients Are Left With Constant Pain | 6/22/2018

Instead of relatively straightforward hernia repair surgery, Physiomesh patients are left suffering from chronic pain, infections, abdominal weakness, and tissue damage requiring revision surgery...READ MORE

Physiomesh Hernia Repair Trial Underway | 6/18/2018

Physiomesh trials have begun in an attempt to hold Ethicon Inc., and Johnson & Johnson accountable for bringing a faulty medical device to market without first making sure it was safe...READ MORE

Polypropylene Rejection by the Human Body May Causes Physiomesh Failure | 6/13/2018

When a foreign object such as a petroleum-based plastic is placed inside the human body there is the likelihood that it will be attacked and rejected by the natural response mechanisms of the human body...READ MORE

Ethicon Withdraws Physiomesh From The Market | 6/8/2018

Faced with the likelihood of yet another expensive product recall, Ethicon voluntarily withdrew their Physiomesh product permanently from the worldwide hernia repair market...READ MORE

Ethicon Takes Physiomesh Taken Off The Market ... Permanently | 6/5/2018

Rather than test, repair and relaunch Physiomesh, Ethicon has chosen to permanently pull the product...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Trial Scheduled To Proceed | 5/28/2018

Physiomesh Composite hernia repair patients eagerly await the first bellwether trial...READ MORE

Polypropylene Could be The Cause of Physiomesh Failure | 5/24/2018

Physiomesh is not the only mesh repair product made from Polypropylene that had to be recalled due to unforeseen complications...READ MORE

Ethicon Pulls Physiomesh From the US Market | 5/21/2018

Ethicon will not admit the exact reason so many Physiomesh patients require additional surgery...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Migration Issue | 5/16/2018

The biggest problem with Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Mesh is that it does not stay put on the abdominal hole or bulge it was intended to repair...READ MORE

Physiomesh Patients Subjected to Revision Surgery | 5/13/2018

An abnormally high number of Ethicon Physiomesh patients are forced to have the device removed and their hernia repair surgery performed using traditional methods...READ MORE

A Market Withdrawal of Physiomesh Heads Off Total Recall | 5/8/2018

Physiomesh issues a voluntary market withdrawal of Physiomesh, having had been forced to totally recall a similar product years earlier and pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages...READ MORE

Market Withdrawal or Compulsory Recall | 5/5/2018

The difference between a company voluntary market withdrawal and a total government recall is a matter of semantics...READ MORE

Johnson and Johnson Pulls Physiomesh From the Market | 5/1/2018

Physiomesh Composite Hernia Mesh is proving to be as flawed a concept as the transvaginal mesh Johnson & Johnson tried to sell years earlier...READ MORE

Lawsuits Against Ethicon Consolidated in Multi-District Litigation | 4/30/2018

Those injured by Physiomesh Composite Hernia Mesh can join Multidistrict Litigation and benefit from a more comprehensive discovery process...READ MORE

Do You Qualify to File a Physiomesh Claim | 4/27/2018

Those who have been injured by the Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair composite mesh and have had to undergo a second surgery may qualify to sue Johnson & Johnson for compensation...READ MORE

Polypropylene in Physiomesh Causes Device Failure | 4/25/2018

The polypropylene found in Ethicon's Physiomesh is the likely reason so many fail and have to be surgically removed...READ MORE

Facts Pertaining to Hernias and the Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair Composite Mesh | 4/23/2018

Doctors can no longer use Ethicon Physiomesh to repair hernias because of the company's market withdrawal of the product...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Was Not Adequately Tested Before Being Allowed on The Market | 4/16/2018

The Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Repair Mesh skipped clinical trials and was allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be rushed to market ...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Pulled From The Market | 4/13/2018

Patient complaints and government warnings have prompted a recall and a cessation of selling the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Hernia Mesh...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh Recalled | 4/9/2018

Millions of people who have had hernia repair surgery in the last decade are worried that their surgery may have been a failure...READ MORE

The Ethicon Physiomesh Pulled From The Market | 4/3/2018

Due to high failure rates requiring revision surgery, Ethicon has been forced to voluntarily recall the Physiomesh hernia repair device...READ MORE

A Summary of Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh Negligence | 8/21/2017

Here are the main categories that those who have undergone Physiomesh hernia repair surgery should be concerned with...READ MORE

People are Suing Ethicon, Maker of Physiomesh and Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary | 8/14/2017

Multi-district litigation is consolidating the hundreds of claims against Ethicon maker of Physiomesh hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Urgent Field Safety Notice for Physiomesh Hernia Repair Mesh | 8/7/2017

The Swiss field safety notice has caused Ethicon to issue a US market withdrawal of the Physiomesh hernia repair mesh...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Legal Questions | 7/28/2017

Physiomesh lawsuit lawyers answer the most pressing questions and concerns failed hernia mesh victims might have...READ MORE

Ethicon Physiomesh Hernia Repair is Flawed | 7/21/2017

Ethicon's Physiomesh implanted in hernia patients is failing in record numbers...READ MORE

Lawyers for Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits

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