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Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh Attorney

Ethicon Physiomesh hernia repair mesh has been pulled from global markets permanently due to high failure rates of the device. Used to repair ventral hernia, or weak spots in the abdominal wall, Ethicon hernia mesh has proven to cause significant injuries and hernia recurrence to many patients including Michigan residents. Approved in 2010 via a short-cut FDA approval process, Ethicon's hernia mesh was only discovered to be dangerous after thousands of patients suffered Physiomesh complications. Now, persons harmed by the product are filing Michigan Physiomesh injury lawsuits against Ethicon to recover compensation for the pain, suffering and losses resulting from hernia mesh injuries and surgery.

Ethicon is a division of the international pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, which is also facing litigation at this time for its transvaginal mesh (TVM). TVM is another synthetic mesh product that has been linked to high failure rates. More than 30,000 TVM lawsuits have been filed in Michigan and around the United States. With annual sales that exceed $70 billion, Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest purveyors of medical devices in the world. Filing a lawsuit for hernia mesh failure is the only means for individuals and families to hold the giant corporation accountable for the damage and harm caused by carelessness and inattention to product safety.

Persons and family members of persons in Michigan who have been implanted with Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh and have suffered from hernia mesh side effects or required revision surgery may be eligible for compensation through filing an Ethicon hernia mesh lawsuit. To speak with one of our attorneys handling Michigan hernia mesh failure claims, please contact our firm for a free, no-obligation case review now. Our lawyers handling Michigan Physiomesh failure claims work on a contingency basis, meaning we charge no legal fees unless we win compensation on your behalf.

Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuits

Should I File a Physiomesh Lawsuit in Michigan?

If you or a loved one in Michigan suffered from Ethicon Physiomesh problems related to Physiomesh defects, you may be eligible for compensation by filing a hernia mesh lawsuit for Michigan residents. Anyone who meets this description is eligible for a free, no-obligation case review with a lawyer handling Physiomesh injury lawsuits for Michigan residents. It is unlikely that lawsuits for Michigan hernia hernia mesh defects will be filed in Michigan; most will be filed in federal court. Filing a Physiomesh lawsuit is the best means for those harmed by Ethicon's product to recover damages. Our attorneys handling Michigan Physiomesh injury claims work on contingency, meaning you never pay legal fees unless we win compensation for you. Read full hernia mesh lawsuit information from attorneys handling claims from Michigan and nationwide.

Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuit FAQ

Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuit FAQs

This page contains answers to common questions about Michigan residents filing hernia mesh lawsuit claims. The answers contained in this page will generally apply to most questions Michigan patients have regarding Physiomesh injury lawsuits against Ethicon. Our lawyers handling Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit claims offer free, no-obligation case review to persons who have suffered from hernia mesh injuries, and their loved ones. Read full Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit questions and answers.

Michigan Physiomesh Lawyers

Lawyers Handling Physiomesh Claims for Michigan Residents

Our hernia mesh injury attorneys, who have a strong track record of success in winning major product liability cases related to defective medical devices, are ready to fight on behalf of persons in Michigan with a Physiomesh defect injury. Any time a multinational corporation is benefiting at the expense of American patients, we take our mission seriously: to seek justice on behalf of Michigan residents, no matter how complex the case. Our Physiomesh lawyers helping Michigan families file lawsuits work on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay legal fees unless we win compensation on your behalf. To take advantage of your free consultation, contact us today. One of our Physiomesh injury lawyers will contact you promptly to discuss your case in depth and answer your questions. Read full information about filing a hernia mesh lawsuit if you live in Michigan.

Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits

Current Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Information for Residents of Michigan

If you or a member of your family in Michigan was implanted with surgical hernia mesh for laparoscopic ventral repair surgery and later experienced complications, you may have legal grounds to file a Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit against Ethicon. Michigan hernia mesh injury lawsuits enable individuals to seek compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering that have resulted from this defective product.

Patients in Michigan agreed to have Physiomesh implanted to repair a ventral hernia on the assumption that it had been carefully tested for safety. In fact, Ethicon's hernia mesh was approved through a fast-track FDA approval process and had never been tested on humans prior to market approval. Only after countless patients had been implanted with the device did researchers detect the trend of high failure and revision rates. Our attorneys believe that persons in Michigan who were harmed by hernia mesh injuries through no fault of their own deserve compensation for their losses and suffering through filing a Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit.

Shortly after receiving the results of two large European hernia mesh outcomes studies, Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon division pulled certain Physiomesh products from markets worldwide. In an Urgent Field Safety statement, the company cited non-specific product defects and indicated these particular hernia patches would never be marketed again. When compared to other mesh products used for ventral hernia repair, Ethicon's Physiomesh stood out for its track record of poor outcomes. Millions of patients undergo hernia repair surgery every year, and before it was withdrawn, Ethicon hernia mesh was a popular product for ventral hernia repair in Michigan.

Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits

Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits for Hernia Mesh Problems

Once a trusted household name for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson now finds itself the subject of major litigation as a result of a string of dangerous and defective products. In 2016, for example, the company was required to pay more than $200 million to just three plaintiffs who developed ovarian cancer after using the company's talc-based body freshening products. Nearly 2,000 more such claims are pending in courts around the nation. Filing a Physiomesh lawsuit in Michigan may be the only means an individual consumer has to hold this large multi-national corporation accountable for consumer safety.

Unfortunately, facing the threat of major litigation is often the only factor that effectively motivates a company to increase its attention toward consumer safety. Motivated by profits, short cuts in premarket testing and negligence toward safety become commonplace. To some extent, Michigan hernia mesh lawsuits are seen as a cost of doing business in Michigan for these large corporations, and harming some Michigan patients along the way seems inevitable. Johnson & Johnson and its many subsidiaries record annual sales of over $70 billion. Filing a Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit can help individuals recover the compensation they deserve, and also serves to hold Ethicon accountable for the safety of its medical devices in the long run.

Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuits for Hernia Repair Injury

Our lawyers handling hernia mesh lawsuits in Michigan are currently offering free case review with no further obligation. To speak with an attorney handling Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit claims, simply use our online chat feature or complete our contact form. One of our attorneys handling Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit claims will contact you to discuss your situation and answer your questions at no charge.

Michigan Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuits Are Not Class Action Lawsuits

Physiomesh lawsuits in Michigan will not be class action lawsuits in which claimants should anticipate only a small, symbolic settlement. Instead, it is likely that Michigan hernia mesh lawsuits against Ethicon will be consolidated as Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) with claims originating around the nation. MDL is a legal procedure that accelerates the processing of many similar claims, while still preserving the particular details of each case. Compensation is determined on an individual basis, accounting for the degree of suffering experience by each claimant. MDL unifies consumers harmed by a common drug or medical device in order to advance justice and demand corporate accountability.

Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuits: No Fees Unless We Collect for You

We will represent all persons involved in a Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit against Ethicon on a contingency basis, meaning our attorneys never charge legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. For a free no-obligation consultation, please contact the firm; one of our Michigan Physiomesh attorneys will help you understand your legal options and answer your questions.

Michigan Hernia Mesh Lawsuit FAQ

Answers to Common Michigan Physiomesh Lawsuit Questions

We know that deciding to file a hernia mesh lawsuit in Michigan and choosing an attorney are difficult decisions. Whether you choose our firm or not, we are happy to provide some general information that will apply to most Michigan Ethicon hernia mesh lawsuit questions. For more detailed information, please contact our firm for a free, no-obligation Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit consultation.

Who can make a hernia mesh injury claim or file a Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit against Ethicon?

Any individual in Michigan who was harmed by injuries or complications following the implantation of Ethicon hernia mesh may be eligible to make a claim by filing a Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit. Likewise, family members of such a person may also qualify to file a hernia mesh lawsuit in Michigan. Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit FAQ

What does it cost to have an attorney review my case?

We will always listen to your circumstances and give you our analysis of your case without any cost or further obligation. To obtain a free Michigan Physiomesh lawsuit case review, simply contact our firm. An attorney handing hernia mesh lawsuits in Michigan will listen to your story, give their analysis, and answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.

Why did it take so long to detect Ethicon Physiomesh problems?

Physiomesh was approved via the FDA's 510k review process, which is a fast track review for a new device deemed to be similar to an approved medical device. Because Physiomesh was considered comparable to another product, it was not subject to safety testing that specifically examined its application in the abdominal wall. Rather than conducting its own safety testing, Ethicon waited for outcomes studies on Physiomesh to emerge. In essence, users of Ethicon Physiomesh for the past five years in Michigan and around the world were the product's guinea pigs. As such, many consumers in Michigan agreed to have hernia mesh implanted without knowledge that its safety had not yet been proven. The hernia repair registries of Denmark and Germany indicated significant problems with Ethicon's product, resulting in Physiomesh's permanent global market withdrawal.

What will it cost to file a hernia mesh injury lawsuit in Michigan?

We are committed to representing all persons filing a Michigan Physiomesh hernia lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. To receive a free Michigan Ethicon hernia mesh lawsuit case review, please complete our contact form. One of our attorneys handling Physiomesh injury lawsuits in Michigan will be happy to speak with you about your circumstances and answer your questions about a possible Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit.

Who in Michigan is at risk for complications from Ethicon's hernia mesh?

Any person in Michigan who underwent laparoscopic surgery to repair a ventral hernia may be at risk for developing Physiomesh complications. If you experience pain, fever, signs of infection, or any other side effect, contact your local Michigan physician immediately. In its Urgent Field Safety Notice, Ethicon urged physicians to continue monitoring patients who had been implanted with Physiomesh for potential complications.

Aren't most products liability lawsuits just class action lawsuits where the plaintiff can expect only a small, symbolic settlement?

Michigan Physiomesh lawsuits are not class action lawsuits. Instead, it is likely hernia mesh claims from Michigan and around the nation will consolidated together as MDL, or Multi-District Litigation. This is a legal procedure that allows cases with similar claims to be processed at once, while preserving the unique elements of each case. Individual claimants in a products liability MDL can expect to receive real compensation, with the amount based upon the individual injuries and damages incurred by each plaintiff.

We're not the type of people who sue; do we really need to file a lawsuit?

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit FAQ If a member of your family suffered a serious injury or health problem as a result of a defective product or dangerous drug, long-term, or even life-long, medical care may be required. This could be incredibly expensive and since medical costs are continually rising may be largely unknown at the time of settlement or trial. If a member of your family died due to a defective product or dangerous drug, no amount of money can undo that wrong. It is our fervent hope that every defective products, drug or other medication lawsuit we file can serve to make the manufacturer take note of the loss and pain its product has caused. When that fails to make a company take action in the form of a product recall, greater warnings about its use and ultimately making safer products, we rely on their profit motivation to make them do the right thing. Unfortunately, in all too many cases it is only the fear of lawsuits and large settlements and verdicts that makes a company become a better corporate citizen.

What time limits apply to filing a Michigan Physiomesh injury lawsuit against Ethicon?

There are hernia mesh lawsuit time limits that apply to claims made in many states. However, if you contact an attorney in the near future regarding a Michigan Physiomesh injury claim, you will likely fall within the accepted time limits. To learn about specific Michigan hernia mesh lawsuit time limits, contact the firm for a free, no-obligation case review.

Leading Physiomesh Defect Attorneys Offer Free Michigan Case Review

Ethicon Physiomesh has been used in hernia repair surgeries in Michigan and around the United States since 2010. Patients agreed to have the device implanted because they trusted Johnson & Johnson had tested the product for defects. In fact, Ethicon hernia mesh was never tested on humans. More than five years after the product was released in the U.S., Ethicon withdrew Physiomesh because of external reports showing high failure rates. Patients may suffer from pain, infection, extrusion, organ damage, hernia recurrence and other complications. Physiomesh has been pulled form markets worldwide because the product's dangers outweigh its benefits. Our hernia mesh attorneys for Michigan claims believe Ethicon must be held accountable for its disregard of consumer safety.

Our lawyers handling Michigan Physiomesh defect cases are seasoned products liability litigators, pursuing justice on behalf of American families harmed by multinational pharmaceutical and medical device conglomerates. Our attorneys have seen the aftermath of numerous major medical device recalls, and understand the suffering faced by patients and families. Aware of the very serious nature of Michigan Physiomesh injury claims, our team of attorneys handling Michigan hernia mesh defect claims is committing its significant resources to hold the device-maker responsible for the damage and harm Physiomesh has caused among countless consumers. Our experienced drug litigation firm is offering the best Physiomesh lawsuit representation possible to residents of any state.

Our attorneys specialize in product liability litigation, pursuing justice on behalf of indiviudals and families that have been harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical products. We believe that nothing matters more than the safety of ordinary people, and we believe many innocent people have been harmed by defective hernia mesh from Ethicon. When corporations benefit to the detriment of consumers, our Physiomesh attorneys will help Michigan residents seek justice and hold any negligent companies accountable. With the resources of a large, successful firm, our lawyers handling Michigan Ethicon hernia mesh defect claims can commit the significant resources needed to win even the most complex of cases.

Michigan Hernia Mesh Failure Cases: We Receive No Fees Unless We Collect for You

We will provide legal representation to all persons involved in Michigan Ethicon Physiomesh claims on a contingency basis, meaning you will never pay any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of Ethicon's defective hernia mesh, you may be eligible for significant compensation through filing a claim. Contact our firm to access a free, no-obligation hernia mesh case review for Michigan residents, and one of our attorneys will contact you promptly to answer your questions.

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